Friday, July 9, 2010

Table centerpiece & shopping

Recently, I have been to functions and parties and I observed beautiful centerpieces.
Here is the very lovely black Lantern Style Lamp that lies in the middle of our table with circles of potpourri rose petals. A little imagination and creativity, this centerpiece creates a beautiful yet inexpensive that will add just a little drama to a very significant event.
This scented Candle Lamp shows elegance that I cannot ignore, it is surrounded with fresh white roses.
Displays of pink roses and white orchids are stunning.

Yesterday night, my friend and I went for a quick shopping. I bought these Adore scented candles for SR17 each available at Lifestyle which are perfect for a table centerpiece. Those bead appliqués are made from separate candle and molded it as a design. Fantastic for a centerpiece.

And I also bought something for my daughter.

Hello Kitty pink sunnies I bought at Next for SR30. 
Yellow tights for SR16 at Centerpoint.

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