Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot New Items from Forever21

I'm a certified Forever21 addict. Not only they do have dresses, skirts, accessories and even branched out to shoes, the part I love the most are the quality of the items and the lower prices compared to other high-street brands like Marks & Spencer or Topshop. They also offer 50% discounts and if you're lucky they sometimes offer 70% discounts at the end of the season. You can haul your favorite dresses to achieve your desired looks in a trendy way at a cheaper cost. Shopping at Forever21 would also be lovelier if you're with your girl pals, they'll help you select what best suits you. I'm just lucky that my friends are also Forever21 addicts, we exchange style ideas and i think that's sweet.

Get shopping savvy now and check out their latest items online at See what I picked below and I think my own selection just covers every occasions. I hope to be there soon. 

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Fitted Spotted Dress $22.80
Pointelle Fit and Flare Dress $27.80
Ruched Lace Dress $22.80
Sweetheart Summer Dress $19.80
Two-Tone Lace Dress $22.80
Contrasting Stripe Dress $27.80
Bow Tie Chiffon Dress $17.80
Animal Spots Blouse $19.80
Woven Chambray Shirt $18.90
Velveteen Leopard Flats $15.80


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