Monday, September 12, 2011

Worth it or Regret it! Let your feet do the talking

In a span of almost 4 months, I was such a failure that I did notice I was snapping (well for me) myriad of shoes. I can't help myself every time I go inside a shop and sometimes sale opportunity is knocking my heart. So here I am with my row of shoes (I intentionally not included few of those mostly worn because they look very exhausted, yay!) and telling you if each of this footwear is worth your money or not. 

Topshop (Ankle Boots) - It is so light in an instant. You can even fold them. Worth it!
Koton (Ballet Flats) - Perfect for jeans, skirts and dresses. Comfort is built right in. Worth it!
Camper (Wedges) - As they say, less stock on display in a shop store the more expensive the shoes are, but this time I don't mind. Indeed, very foot friendly and Camper is very attention to detail. The strappy suede are stylish for both work and play. Worth it!
Lyne's (Wedges) -  I was in the mood to look elegant but a little bit sexy the day I bought them. Sadly, my decision to buy is dumb. Having beautiful shoe shouldn't mean killing my feet. Regret it! 
River Island (Sandals) - This would be a perfect break from my office shoes. Worth it!
Nike (Sporty) - The time that I purchased them I was preferring Nike when it comes to sport gear, but the color for me is a risk. Well, it is still Worth it!


  1. Omg so many purchases! You're so lucky. The sandals are nice, and those Topshop shoes look so comfortable!

  2. I prefer the Koton ballet flats, perfect for shopping, one of the most enjoying activities ... :)))

  3. Love those Topshop booties- those will be a great staple piece for the cooler weather!


  4. it's hard to pass up on a sale, especially shoes! :) I love all the ones you got!

  5. soo.. you love shoes? am I right? hahaha ;)
    PS. check my latest post if u wanna see the teenvogue fashion show! ;)

  6. Andrea - lucky to find most of them on sale! :) thanks.

    Claudia Mosca - those flats are really comfortable & a good for shopping :)

    Sabrina - those boots are waiting for the cold season :)

    devorelebeaumonstre. - thanks sweety!

    Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST - thanks sweety!

    Tiffany - I can't resist :)

    Maria Bastida - i do love shoes :) i'll visit your post definitely. thanks!

  7. following you now gorgeous girl =))

  8. sittie rainie limba - thanks sweety!

  9. thank you for your sweet comment darling!!
    have a nice day!!!

  10. thanks for your sweet comment!!
    i'm following you too!!! :))
    The Shabby Labels

  11. zizi bloom - no prob dear! thanks for the visit.

    Lucrezia (The Shabby Labels) - thanks for following! looking forward to you. :)

  12. love the first boots (topshop ones) so cool you can fold them down!!


  13. Love these shoes! I like your blog, you have amaizing style :)
    If you want, we can follow each other ;)

  14. wow, lovely pairs. i love the first and the last one. you know, i love colours ;)
    wish you a nice day.
    maren <3

  15. Natalie Leung - it's really comfortable! thanks dear!

    Katsuumi - thanks for visiting! like to follow you too :)

    fashion meets art - thanks maren! i just love footwear, they let me go anywhere :)

  16. love the boots!

  17. I love the boots. Are amazing!

  18. Love the ballet flats!!! =3


  19. I love camper shoes..You are right, they are very good and expensive and that is the reason why i can never find pairs on sales :(
    would u like to follow each other?!!

  20. Katsuumi - thanks a lot, i just followed you dear.

    Helena - those boots are really comfy. thanks dear.

    Momo - thanks sweety! it is so girlie!

    MoodHomme - thanks sweety!

    Agora tô pronta - thanks a lot dear!

    Anastasia from Natbeesfashion - thanks for the visit. camper are really comfortable & high quality! its a pleasure to follow you dear:)

  21. LOVE the boots!!

    xoxo Denise

  22. I love shoes that can be worn a few different ways, like folding them down ;)

    xx Cristina

  23. Denise Pacurar - Thanks for stopping by dear!

    Vantage Point Vintage - thanks dear!

    Cristina @FUJI FILES - such a nice idea to fold them, it creates more look :) thanks for the visit.


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