Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Shoes, New You

by Jackie Clark  

Walking into the office in a killer black pantsuit that is tailored to fit a woman’s body perfectly, a pair of six inch Louboutins and a handbag that screams “I am the epitome of a fashionable, successful woman” is what all women want when they go to work. When they go to dinner they want to walk into a restaurant in an amazing designer dress and smile to themselves as heads turn and looks of envy are evident on every face in the building. No matter what the situation, looking great makes a woman feel like the most powerful, confident woman in the room; and she needs that to help keep her self-esteem healthy.

Every woman has a bad day from time to time; the day nothing goes right, her hair isn’t cooperating and her favorite outfit just isn’t looking as amazing as it typically does. Those days happen and women know that. However, for women dealing with mesothelioma cancer, those days happen more often than not. Unfortunately, when dealing with cancer and treatment, a woman needs her sense of confidence, self-esteem and her feelings of power more than ever. How a woman feels about herself is directly related to the health of her immune system; feelings of depression and sadness can have a negative effect on the immune system, which is the system that fights disease and illness. To make sure a woman’s immune system is at its strongest, she needs to feel good about herself and the best way to make sure that happens is to look to fashion for the answers. 

Because a woman’s confidence level is directly related to how she perceives herself, it is imperative she feels beautiful. This is not a vanity thing; this is a health fact. The more gorgeous a woman feels, the better her mood, the higher her self-esteem and the more powerful she feels. A woman in a great outfit and killer shoes feels like she can conquer the world and that’s exactly the attitude she needs to have to face her cancer head on.

For an immediate self-esteem boost, a new hairstyle always works. Highlights, low lights and a new cut will have a woman feeling glamorous. Add to that a new outfit, jewelry and shoes and she will feel like the most powerful and confident woman on the planet. In the right shoes, cancer will seem like nothing to a woman. Fashion has a way of making women feel good; the materials, styles and designs of clothing can make a woman feel beautiful and confident. Cancer patients should make it a habit to put on an outfit they love, do their hair and makeup and face the world in great shoes.

No matter cancer diagnosis a woman faces, she must remember that life is for the living. Take over cancer and look beautiful doing it. Fashion is a great way to feel confident and forget even just for a moment that cancer has invaded such a private and personal space. Remember that no matter what you are beautiful and can still look amazing with or with out cancer.

Read more about 
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and visit Jackie Clark's blog. 

The best part of being a blogger isn't just about my trivial activities.

It's getting the chance to share awareness on important areas of the society.
This time, I feel fortunate to have my guest Ms. Jackie Clark.
It was worth noting her article and made me more realize the importance of self-image.
There are plenty of ways we can support this campaign to minimize the weight of sadness
they are dealing by encouraging them that each new day is a gift that should be
fashionably appreciated in spite of any living condition.

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