Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blinking Eye to Dry Eye Syndrome (Refresh Plus, Refresh Liquigel, Viscotears)

When I was 10 years old, I experienced the involuntarily blinking eyes.  It happened repeatedly and intensely from the time I woke up and all throughout the day.  Careless on my own sight and thought it was nothing to be scared of. My mother brought me to a nearby Pediatric Ophthalmologist Clinic. As far as I can remember, the Doctor diagnosed that my eyes had a poor vitamin A which resulted to transient tic disorder. These are relatively common during childhood and do not require specialized treatment or intervention, and they are not precursors to any more serious illnesses or conditions. The Doctor prescribed a certain vitamin with strawberry flavored syrup and it eventually wanes my blinking problem. After a month of medication, my eyes were back to its normality.
Reading is my main interest especially while lying on my bed. My grandma used to scold me repeatedly that I should avoid this habit because when I get older my eyesight will turn blurry but I ignored her and keep the same routine.
During college, I took up Computer Course, which means I have to stay in front of the computer monitor. 
Until late last year, while working as Secretary, which expectantly means I have to pour out myself from start till the end of my shift in front of the monitor daily, my vision gradually became blurry. That started my visual problems. I know that if I narrow it down, I should blame myself for being stubborn and abusive.
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This situation is very concerning to me, so I decided to ask help from the health care professional to diagnose the cause. I went to an Ophthalmologist. At first, the Doctor could not find any defect. Until a Corneal staining (Special eye drops containing dyes which placed in the eye) did to me to identify staining patterns which reveal damage to the eye surface. He said I am suffering for a Dry Eye Syndrome particularly the cornea. The sad thing is, it is too early for my age. He added that in my case the following could be the possible causes:
  • Hormonal changes - Menstruation may cause tears to change.
  • Medications - Taking pills could decrease tear production.
  • Environment - The dry, windy climates and sandstorms here in Saudi could sometimes lead to dry eyes. Aside from that, air-conditioned room and exposure to a cigarette smoke may sometimes causes the dryness.
  • Computer use - failure to blink while in front of the monitor.
The Doctor prescribed me the following:
  • Refresh Plus Cellufresh formula (Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium), lubricating eye drops in a single container and should be instilled 1 drop in my eyes, 5 times daily.
  • Refresh Liquigel (Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium), lubricating eye drops for extra strength relief plus protection and should be instilled 1 drop in my eyes, 4 times daily.
  • Viscotears eye gel to be slightly wipe in the bottom corner of my eyes before bedtime.
He also advises the following:
  1. Avoid applying face moisturizers and creams around the eye area.
  2. At night, gently press a clean cloth/cotton wet on a lukewarm water around my eyes. If the cloth gets cold, squeeze again in the lukewarm water and press again around my eyes within 5 minutes.
  3. To look away from the monitor distinctly and focus on other object at a distance to give your eyes a rest every other 10 minutes.
In addition, I have read this phrase from an article for further explanation of dry eye:
“Dry eye syndrome causes a lack of eye moisture. Healthy tears nourish and protect the eyes. It is important that your eyes produce the right amount of the right kind of tears. If your eyes do not produce healthy tears, the surface of the eyes may be damaged. Dry eye syndrome may develop and, if left untreated, may harm your vision or lead to infections of the eyes.”
I am crossing my fingers and hoping for positive results. Do protect your eyes from any harmful conditions before it is too late as early as you can, beauty is in fact in the EYE of the beholder. Good luck and happy visioning!

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