Thursday, October 20, 2011

Food Watch : Cravings!

Everything I ever need for a sweet comfort is the tempting food journey which I became eventually obsessed the rest of the week by snapping each delight. People like me who do not pay attention to the foods we ate is obviously not needed to be applauded.

I’m a person who does not think twice if the contents of a certain food has any nutritious nature. Add it to that, I’m so lazy and I faithfully tell myself that I don’t have time to burn off the extra calories! It's a little worrisome though. I’m withstanding an uphill battle when trying to promote a healthy eating habits. Sadly, I’m living in a society that ferociously advocates instant and varieties of unhealthy selections. But in the day's of my discomfort, I need to ingest foods high in sugar. And speaking of that, brace yourselves since I will show you what I put inside my stomach! naughty me.

My boss celebrated his birthday earlier this week and we rolled our sweets buds with this Red Velvet Cream Cake.
I brought  Éclair and Chocolate Gateaux with cherry on top with me at home for dessert.

My version of Vegetable Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast. I love it with a massive amount of carrots and drops of lemon. I guess, the healthiest among this post.
 We bought this Coral-Colored Muffin from a neighboring cafe for an afternoon snack. 

Patchi Chocolate
 Arabic Sweets - so puffy!
 I often kept Patchi Mint Candies in my bag, and the rest I stored them in this glass. They are so tiny yet so minty and intensely cool.
My morning is perpetually celebrated with my breakfast favorite, the well-known Scrambled Eggs but I like it with lots and lots of red tomatoes.   
Muffin + Slice White + Khubz (Arabic bread) + Hot Cuppa Coffee = My breakfast in the office
An afternoon movie time is lovely while munching Doritos in Cheese dipped with mayonnaise. 
 This thin and crunchy Oatmeal Cookie completes my mid-morning breakfast.

My head says something, while my mouth is indulging.

Do you also fancy sweet foods? I hope you're not like me that can't resist the wicked lure. 
May you have a healthy mouthwatering times the rest of the days!
greetings, aileen


  1. OMG everything Looks soooo delicous! : ) Now I need to get myself something sweet! : D

  2. haha you write so funny:D
    oh yes me too, if i can i eat sweets all day long. some time ago i often used to eat chocolate for breakfast:D and now after reading this post with suuuch delicious things i'll see if i find some cookies in the kitchen^^

  3. Cinderella Alert - thanks dear.. it's too tempting i know :D

    Sarah.Karin - :D I played naughtily when it comes to food. guilty! guilty! thanks for the comment dear.

  4. OOOhhhh They seems delicious...

    Thanks for your comment, but I want to say to you that maybe there ir any problem with your following, because I can't see you as my follower.
    Please, try one more time, and if you have any problem, say to me.


  5. All is rigth now. Many thanks!!

    I'm following you now.


  6. some things are so yuuuuuuummyyyyy

  7. Very tasty! Already wanted to eat it all! Brava!

  8. thank you for your sweet comments! i love your blog! pls come by and follow me? i will deff follow back!

  9. Onto My Wardrobe - thanks dear!

    MACY - you must! :D

    milana2078 - haha..sorry to tempt you though :D thanks for the comment.

    Shervin Nassi - sure dear!

  10. Wow that all looks so delicious!
    I'm following you, hope you wanna follow me back!

  11. Noémie - of course i will :D thanks for coming!

  12. Thank you for your comments on my blog, :)
    I appreciated your delicious post: I don't eat meat and fish, but don't ask me to give up eating chocolate ... ah ah ah

  13. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person :)I love your fotos! Mniam :)
    I will follow you!

  14. Claudia Mosca - i fully understand.. hahaha...

    nik - sure dear! thanks for the follow :D

  15. I would be so ill if i ate these - i am allergic to dairy and wheat sometimes i am quite glad because i prob would eat them all x

  16. fashion and frank - too bad you've got allergy..well, eat healthier is more recommended :D

    Eline - haha... thanks for the comment.

  17. awww these sweets look so delicios. and now I'm suffering because I'm on diet. :( :D


  18. These desserts are perfection!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  19. I'm baking cupcakes every weekend! Then I complain about my weight :P
    Great post love!

  20. Viki - I always RE-schedule my diet :D

    Jill - thanks lovely :D

    Anastasia from Natbeesfashion - sinful cravings as they say :D thanks lovely :D

  21. Hi gorgeous,
    just found your amazing blog by chance while peeking on others and i must tell you that it´s so lovely, well structured and interesting [certainly a reflection of your personality] that it kept me totally hooked. I'm your new follower and would like to invite you to visit mine and to follow back if you appreciate it.
    wish you lots of success!!!


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