Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ikea Home Furnishings

My soon-to-be-married couple friends are having their dream house in the Philippines. After my work yesterday, they took me with them to visit Ikea. I know it was my recurrent persuasions about Ikea that influence them. It is customary for Filipinos for a home that infuses warmth with beautiful blend, and yet inexpensive furniture for indoor home decors, and personally, Ikea is the place to be.

I am proud to say that I did not let them down. Perhaps it was because of the bed frames that they focus more their attention as they say it offers them fresh and functional designs, not mentioning the absolute base for snuggling each other (ssshhh…I’m being naughty again… haha..) Eventually, they bought few home accessories for beginners luck, and they will definitely go back there to buy more pieces that will induce serenity fit for a new family.

One afternoon turn to be a fun and inspiring journey in each Ikea showroom we rolled in which I'm gonna separately post soon. And of course, nothing could be more exciting than trying out the offer of their tantalizing menu.

A home doesn't need to be big, just smart. - Ikea 2012

Wish you all the fun!
greetings, aileen


  1. I love the Ikea as well, I wanna go there soon, I need some stuff. :)

  2. Hi sweetie, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment! I love Ikea, have so many things from them! I love your blog btw, I´m following you! Do follow me if you like my blog too :)


  3. well, i love their meat ball, haahaa

  4. I love hanging out at Ikea! : ) The pasta looks delicious.

  5. i love ikea. i feel at home here!!!

  6. Marielleheart - same here honey.. great place to visit.

    Viki - there's a lot of things ready for you to buy :D

    Paula - thanks dear :D

    Alexandria - honestly, i've never tried the Swedish meatballs yet.. i'm gonna be soon..

    Cinderella Alert - the pasta is really tasty & cheap :D

    C & M - you're right! thanks dear :D

  7. i love the food at ikea cafe, their furnitures are so practical!!

  8. Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST - hahaha...funny but real..and that's one the best part there :D

    Joandy - exactly! thanks dear.

  9. I practically LIVED at Ikea when we were furniture hunting.. Their food is actually pretty good

  10. Keeping up with E.S.E.M - thanks dear!

    Alexa - haha... it feels heaven living there!

  11. I loveeeeeeeee ikea... especially all the little nick nacks, congrats to your friends xx

  12. KONSTANTINA TZORTZI - thanks dear!

    Hayley - thanks for stopping by dear :D

  13. I love the food the most (and the free refill), and the scented candels, and the lamp and "art" section. Kitchen supplies is boring.

    Their Christmas decorations is usually good! Is it there yet?

  14. A Norwegian - unfortunately nope, they don't celebrate Christmas here in KSA. That's what I yearn most in the Phils.


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