Thursday, October 13, 2011

My October Harvests

I was with my friends yesterday and spent the day at the mall strolling, dining, and of course, shopping. I went home laden with bags of goods that make me feel and look happy.

I lately feel an awkward impression if I have to show you the prices but the shops in the mall offers a remarkably low prices and 99% of what I purchased are affordable which I would like to share you. Embracing basics makes my wardrobe secure so I haul cautiously. See what I have.

 Geared with shopping bags.
 Shopping would be incomplete without going to Forever 21.
 These days I am really into bandage style skirts, I took the black one where it goes well with a lot. To warrant it, this is the sole item I bought based on its original retail price.
Forever 21 Short Skirt Black [orig. price SR39]
 With the winter well underway, had to buy this sweater to banish the chill. This will be my new bestfriend during the cold winter months.
Forever 21 Blue Sweater [orig. price SR99/USD26.40 - sale price SR40/USD10.67]
 These tights will keep my legs warm during cold months. This is cute and a great 'Buy 1 take 1' bargain! weee...
Topshop Marl Heart Opaque and Armour Net Tights [orig. price for Each SR80/USD21.33 - sale price for Both SR10/USD2.67]
I love this cheaper version of the most recognizable style in eyewear world.
Etam Wayfarer Sunglasess [org. price SR37/USD9.87 - sale price SR17/USD4.53]
 I know winter is on its way but I bought this floral print dress and I will keep it flirty and feminine with long sleeve brown cardigan.
Mango Dress Nubes [orig. price SR299/USD79.73 - sale price SR149/USD39.73]
 We also went to Centrepoint and it steals my heart with this cute monogram mug. Too bad my favorite letters are no longer available, this is the last piece of the design.
Centrepoint Mug [orig. price SR39/USD10.40 - sale price SR21/USD8.27]
 The animal print earrings add a twist in my daily casual look.
Claire's Club [orig. price SR72/USD19.20 - sale price SR15/USD4]
 The creamy earrings is great for girl's night out. What do you think?
Forever 21 Cream Earrings [orig. price SR15/USD4 - sale price SR10/USD2.67]
These stylish turquoise + feather earrings add a fabulously fashionable finish to my outfit.
Forever 21 Silver Earrings [orig. price SR19/USD5.07 - sale price SR10/USD2.67]

Which item you like most?
Anyway, don't forget to give your best each day with smile!
greetings, aileen


  1. i love those days that you just spend shop[ping with your friends, looks liek you got some awesome things, love the look of the topshop tights!


  2. Hey !
    Nice finds !
    I like the earrings in the last photo :)


  3. great purchases dear ;)

  4. Momo - thanks lovely!

    Keeping up with E.S.E.M - it's really nice to always keep in touch with friends!

    Kimberly Capeto - thanks dear! that's my favorite accessory so far :D

    Maria Bastida - thanks dear!

  5. nice stuffs dear. i love the rings especially, as well as the knit sweater:)

  6. haha thanks :D

    I love all these things, esp. the dress <3 :)

  7. I love that dress, great finds thanks for sharing:D


  8. great post! I really like your blog! i follow you..can you follow me? kisses..

  9. i like your buys especially the forever21 skirt!
    sure i'd like to follow each other! i'll start! xoxo

  10. Nice shopping! I love stuff you bought :)
    Sure we can follow each other, I already follow you.
    Have a spectacular day,


  11. your hauls are great :) i haven't got any pieces from forever 21, heard that it's a super great store :) must buy clothes there :)

    wild and fierce

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  12. Nice Post! =)

  13. Alexandria - thanks dear!

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    eji patanao - thanks for the visit! forever 21 is again one great shop! cool giveaway!

  14. nice haul :D i love the floral print dress. i want one like that too. ur blog is really cute. thank u so much for ur comment :) u got a new follower!


  15. I want a forever21 shop here!
    Love your blog, follow you.
    Follow me back if you want and like my blog :)

  16. Love your buys.

    Thanks for your comment !
    And great idea, let's follow each other ! We follow you already ;)

  17. losaway - thanks lovely! sure, definitely follow yours.

    ownyourstyle - Thanks dear! of course i'll follow yours.

  18. Oh my! I wanna take all of these F21 products out of my screen :D

    xoxo Rose ^__^

  19. ★ Rose ★ - :D haha i know. forever 21 is drooling our eyes! thanks.

  20. Shopping is one of my favourite activities and the tights are lovely :)))


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