Saturday, October 15, 2011

The New York Times : Kirsten Dunst's '60s Going on 30

In an atmosphere that combines career and fashion, Kirsten Dunst definitely get the balance. And now she is recently featured in T Magazine at The New York Times to highlight her film characters, and to dress up for their winter fashion 2011 issue. I must say this is one trend that's always sure to impress this chill season. The array of looks experimented her with everything from fiery red to gorgeous brown to bright white. All photos courtesy via

This look is so racy which adds up to Kirsten's mysterious charm.
Coat : Yves Saint Laurent | Top : Louis Vuitton
Kirsten keeps it easy nautical covered with dark coat.
Coat : Carven | Sweater : The Row
She embrace this look with sleek sophistication. So love the coat!
Coat : Calvin Klein Collection | Dress : Wolford
For a statement cover-up, Kirsten wrapped herself stylishly. 
Coat : CĂ©line 
Kirsten's winter armour is her pair of knee high boots!
Jacket & Skirt : Louis Vuitton | Boots : Roger Vivier 
Although a bit too dark, smart women know that a classic jacket is all you need for a sleek look. And fashion's love for shorts may continue to the forthcoming season.
Jacket, Shorts & Shoes : Marc Jacobs | Ring : David Yurman 
This elegant white Chanel jacket is so chic!
Jacket : Chanel | Sunglassess : Marni

And oh! I'm lusting over her side swept bouncy hair!
Enjoy your fabulous weekend!
greetings, aileen


  1. Wow great pictures! : ) She's such a amazing woman!

  2. Kirsten keeps her youth. I don't like her outfits though. But the second one and that all-black attire are classy.

  3. Cinderella Alert - She is indeed!

    itin - thanks for the comment! :D

  4. I think she is really an amazing actress!
    also if I dont like her smile at all!
    Check out my new post! And let me know what u think!!


  5. i love her, she seems so nice!
    nice blog:)

  6. This is the most sophisticated I've ever seen her look! I'm impressed.

  7. She is so so beautiful and I love all these looks!! Her hair looks so fabulous like this!

    xoxo - Denise

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  9. Onto My Wardrobe - haha! guess what, she want to keep her teeth that way. but you're right, she's great in the field of acting. thanks!

    Lali - me too :D

    C & M - thanks dear!

    Sabina - this is probably one of her shoots that i like most. thanks!

    Denise Pacurar - yeah! i love her look this way too :D i'm inlove with the hair actually.

    Marica - thanks dear, sure i'll follow yours!

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  11. wonderful pics and outfits, great post. :-) Although I don't like Kirsten, but she is really nice in these pics. :-)

  12. thank you aileen!:)
    yes, maybe i could do a tutorial, about what exactly do you want one?

  13. oooh cute pics(L) i follow you!!

    xoxo A.

  14. I <3 Kirsten Dunst, ever since Virgin Suicides. And that Celine coat! OOOOh!

    I will follow you!

  15. Eva - thanks for the visit!

    Preziosa - thanks dear!

    Viki - that's okay, but i agree i love the clothes.

    Sarah.Karin - the bouncy hair you just posted, thanks!

    Anna Muchart.- thanks lovely!

    O - thanksss.. i'll follow yours too!

  16. She is gorgeous - love pic 2 and 3 - thanks for your comment - yes happy to follow x

  17. great pictures!!!!! love the last one :D

  18. ooh I absolutely adore her- she's probably my favourite actress, just gorgeous! Love the cereal photo :D
    Come follow my blog darling!xx

  19. I love these jackets. Totally cute. <3


  20. I love all these photographs! Thank you so much for sharing!



  21. Super cool shooting, and lovely outfits, I like you style!
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  22. Maria Bastida - the last one is cute :D thanks! - thanks dear!

    Jen - yeah, lovely jackets! thanks.

    Allie - you're welcome dear! thanks for coming.

    Fabrizia Spinelli - thanks dear, i'll follow definitely!

  23. thank you, i'm glad you like it:)

    Ok, i will do a tutorial or at least give some tips... that's actually a really good idea, a lot of people ask me about my hair, thank you:) i hope it works in english and you'll understand me:D So do you think it would help, if i just show how i do my hair? actually nothing special, but i could give some tips how to blow dry to get volume and so on... (usually i'm way too lazy to do my hair till it looks fine because it would take about 30 minutes in the morning;)
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    So, what do you think?

  24. She is just so pretty! LOVE HER! and ur blog is ... awesome!!

    ‎"Your past can't be changed. However, your present can be ruined by worrying about your future."

  25. thanks for stopping by theFword! You've got a really cute blog. FOLLOWED. kepp it up!

  26. Sarah.Karin - can't wait for that! you just have a lovely hair! lucky you!

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  27. very bautiful look book!! great post!!

  28. Amazing pics! I love the Celine coat!!

    Good and interesting blog

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  29. wow, so gorgeous, she is beautiful!! i love the second and third outfits, definitely something i will wear:)

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    ps: do some beautiful photos! compliments

  31. WE INSPIRE US - thanks dear!

    WOWS - Sure dear, that would be great!

    Joandy - I know you have an excellent taste, nice to know you're inspired dear!

    Carol - thanks dear!

  32. She is perfect, especially in the second outfit :)


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