Thursday, October 6, 2011

Which Digital Camera : Sony Cyber-shot, Nikon Coolpix or Olympus VG?

Being dormant to post for the past 6 days doesn't mean I am neglecting my blog. I was loaded with monthly reports to boot in the office that made me drained at the end of each day. So glad I am able to post now.

Anyway, my younger sister is bugging me to take my current digital camera, it's a Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS. I am pretty satisfied with the photos I got from this cam, but my sister strongly want this. Nonetheless, it's an ideal time for me since I am actually planning to  purchase a new camera and experimenting with a new model. My other Canon camera is quite old and bulky, a PowerShot A95 which I bought ages ago, sometime in 2005. I am not super tech-savvy but I am looking for something stylish, lightweight and slim that could conveniently fit in my purse or pocket, with sharp photo results and with a very affordable price that will meet my budget as a mom.

I'm contemplating among Sony, Nikon or Olympus models and I extensively looking for the lowest price available in the market. My question is which is which? Any suggestions?
Sony Cyber-shot W530
14.1 Megapixels Resolution
2.7” LCD Display
4x Optical Zoom
Sweep Panorama
Price : SR599 / USD159.73 (via

Nikon Coolpix S3100
14 Megapixels Resolution
2.7” LCD Display
5x Optical Zoom
VR Stabilization
Price : SR599 / USD159.73 (via

Olympus VG-120
14 Megapixels Resolution
3” LCD Display
Magic Filter
HD Movie
Price : SR499 / USD133.07 (via


  1. I will go with Sony myself, it's mostly brand trusting, i love everything in Sony:))

  2. I have not tried all those 3, but I'm using an Olympus FE 290, which is also old, but still love it because it's what I use in my blog. :D
    Anyway, you can always search for the reviews on those cams.
    Have fun! :)

  3. thans honey!
    I love that yellow color for a camera! looks soo cool!

  4. im not sure but i have notice most bloggers use nikon cameras


  5. hi there! i'd lie to share an award to you, you deserve it! check it on my latest post.. =)


  6. Thanks, dear <3


  7. I've got Sony W85 and it never failed me, so probably I would choose just a new version of it- W530 because it's almost the same except the color. :)

  8. they say Nikon cam are the best.. i dunno coz I haven't tried them pa! go try them,gadgets in Saudi are way mooorree cheaper compare here in Phils. nwe are you from Iligan city??

    followed your blog.. pls do visit my blog too.. :)

  9. Joandy - in fact, i heard positive comments of products from sony, thanks!

    Cel - thanks dear! olympus have great snapshots too.

    Maria Bastida - thanks dear!

    Keeping up with E.S.E.M - i've never used nikon before, but i've read good reviews about their product too.

    MACY - wow! you made my day special, thanks!

    Десислава Валентинова - welcome :D

    Magda - thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

    Agora tô pronta - thanks!

    mera - that's a good thing here, gadget is less expensive here. thanks for the comment dear :D

  10. I would go for the first one!
    I have a sony myself and I love it :D

  11. Stiene S. - :D thanks for recommending!


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