Friday, November 4, 2011

Beholding Myself

I was suffering tremendously from boredom yesterday, even though it was the time of our much-awaited salary. Working is a full-time job so I am discreetly aware that I have to spend my hard-earned money wisely.
Likewise, living is a full-time job too.
As an expatriate, I've been missing my motherland, my home, my love ones.
I am bored.
I am depressed.
I am lonely.

What's the best therapeutic thing to possess?

Spend a chunk of my income with friends!
We indecisively went for a fancy dinner, and afterwards we had a sprightly shop along the way.
It was a brilliant relief to unburden myself last night. Not bad at all.
A dinner at Friday's, I had my scrumptious medium rare New York Style Steak which I've been wanting for months. ugh, please ignore my ring-less finger and boring nails.
We went to Zara and I bought this leather cross-body bag, perfect on or off duty, a versatile addition to my wardrobe.
I bought beauty essentials in the newly open super market. You'll see a multitude of hair products because I'm a huge hair junkie. Every time I finished a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, I always switch to other brands. The last brand I used was VO5 Volume Boost Elixir's shampoo and conditioner. This time I'm gonna use Tresemme's Healthy Volume. Without any clear reason at all, this method works healthily on my hair apparently.
Part of their opening is a grand raffle draw which the lucky one will win a brand new Range Rover. Regardless of the small quantity we bought, the representative is still generous to allow each of us a two ticket entries aside from the cute freebies.
I've never won any contest or raffle draws or giveaways in my year of existence. I consider myself one of those unlucky few who never win anything. But maybe, maybe in only a matter of time I will win big time. With all my daydream of optimism, Range Rover here I come.

On the other side, I feel unfortunate to be unable to visit the graves of my deceased loved ones during All Souls' day. Being far away, I lighted a candle in their memory and prayed that their souls may find the everlasting peace and light.

Anyway, have fun everyone.


  1. Hi ! Your blog is wonderfull ! I opened one too and I would be very happy if you would visit and follow it !
    xo xo

  2. Hello!great blog!love it!Im following you now!follow back?

    lots of kisses!nandia!

  3. Articoli di moda, Nandia - thanks dear!

  4. yummy!!! delicious food! xoxo

  5. omg! i love Zara products and i love your taste on bags, that's exactly the kind of bag i want right now! =)

  6. the food looks soooo yummy! i love that bag! :)

  7. Raffaella, DailyGlamour - it's really tender & delicious...that's my favorite!

    Flaviana Boni - thanks dear!

    MACY - thanks dear, i love bags! esp. here that we have to wear abaya, so there's no way we can express ourselves in clothes. then go for bags :D

    Agora tô pronta - welcome dear!

    Kat - it's really yummy! thanks dear!

  8. I am laughing because I am going to Friday's for lunch today! Missing some comfort food! :)

    I switch shampoo brands like... every day! Love that Zara bag!

  9. Great post Ailen, the food looks yummy. And I switch the brands(not only the shampoo) often too. :D

    by the way: I love the new look of the blog. :)


  10. Liz @ My Life. I Guess. - good steak does not have to be hard to find esp. if Friday's is near your place, thanks Liz!

    Viki - Thanks Viki, this is my 2nd header photo! i'm gratified that you love it :D

  11. omg the food looks soo great!!:)


  12. We all feel bored specially me while we have such cold weather I feel bored!!!! My advise is for the photo with your purchases from supermarket my suggest is to use from same company products for hair !!!!! I repaired my hair this way. Many kisses

  13. Nee - thanks dear!

    Julia - thanks dear for the advice, appreciate it a lot! i guess that's what I should ought to do, hope i can stop this groove.

  14. the food looks delicious! :)

  15. I really like the Zara bag, I have to go check it out.

  16. Hahaha mega-splurge!
    And I'm thinking of steak now... mmmm

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle

  17. mmmm nice pics, your bag *.*

  18. Love your foods!! LOL, it makes me hungry now.

    I'm following you now!
    Would you like to follow me back?
    Keep in touch<3


  19. losaway - it's juicy & tender!

    Rola - thanks dear! hope you really like it in person.

    S + T - go to Friday's now dear :D

    Gear - thanks dear!

    Kek Kek Angela - thanks dear! sure, i'll follow you.

    yiqin; - thanks dear!


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