Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Merry, even miles and miles away from my love ones, making Christmas holidays different at home is a timeless possibility.
I was pretty sick and became a flu victim since the last few days.
My writing is subtle.
My blogging is uncertain.
I've got difficulties and I sincerely wish to regain my health before the new year comes.
Beyond this, I will still share to you perhaps a little comfort of gifts which I narrowed down below that keeps my spirit warm all season through.

New planner, perfect for my day to day to-do list.
May 14. Special.
Map + Planner = just cool
Another wrapped gifts + candy cane! 
My friend arrived from a trip and she brought me these beautiful pieces from Dubai. Sweet.
Wooden bracelet
Wooden bracelet
Screw the turkey on Christmas eve. Okay, those hands with ostentatious nail polish are actually not mine :( 

There, I feel better! And I hopefully get back on my feet and enjoy the bliss of a regular life.

greetings, aileen


  1. yummy yummy enjoy it!

    follow each other?

  2. Love your blog chica
    following you now
    follow me back if you like my blog 2

  3. what a lovely gifts Aileen, the candy and the turkey look so yummy ;-) and the bracelets are adorable :) XoXo


  4. Amazzzzzing post! So happy I found your blog! :D You earned yourself a loyal follower! :D

    xx R.

  5. Hope you recovered from the flu attack and have a wonderful 2012 :)))


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