Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Woo hoo! What a Friday!

My off days are as usual as it always been. As posted here, after doing some of my errands last Friday,
I took a shower when a loud knocking in my main door interrupted.
It was my flatmate who persuaded me and my other flatmates for an afternoon trip to a city 60 miles away from our vicinity. I have never been there.
Though initially undecided, I move on grabbed a sweater, and an old boot cut jeans seem like its waiting an age to come forth out of my wardrobe.
And we drove between cities to see the park at its beautiful best and be able to explore a part of this country, get on with it and enjoy.
Over the course of our journey, I took most of the photographs by rolling down the window of the car.
It was an afternoon filled with fun and memories.

So chilly but I can't say no to one of my indulgence - soft drinks.
A selection of dates.
At the market to buy some fresh fish.
Local Arab men.
The city existed for its bustling downtown populated by expatriates.
The trip is fun with something to munch, and it is extra special if it is Doritos.
I can smell the breezy blue ocean.
At the park.
It is more romantic bringing a nice blanket and own dishes, head to the shore with your beau  halfway through
the winter. Locals definitely do.
A park beside the beach is a popular destination for locals.
Some expats taking photographs.
A kid enjoying a bike ride.
I watched the sun as it slips below the horizon.
And here's my crazy exercise, building castles in the air.
I'm wearing my black Abaya , a must.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Low-key Ensemble

An old pair of Nike trainers and outdated blue jeans managed me to look comfortable and warm
when I stepped out to the park yesterday situated somewhere along the beach.
I'm so glad that my inner consciousness who insisted to wear flip flops has not succeeded.
The weather brought high winds and cold temperature.
I can't wait to post about my quick and unplanned trip soon here.
Have fun everyone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Something Japanese.. Something Italian..

Rarely do I dine in a fancy restaurant, until today.
It's my thriftiness that levitates me when spending something more than I could afford.
But, a delightful afternoon break was made possible by one of my best buddies who treated me for late lunch.
There are two great things that she's worth celebrating for - her boyfriend just arrived in town to work and live near her,
while her application for visit visa to USA has been granted.
Given the blessings of a treat. At her expense we went less than ten minutes walk trip from our workplace into a restaurant.

They offer Japanese and Italian fusion together under one roof.
The food range really tantalize our taste buds.
The place has a warm welcome, soothing music, a friendly atmosphere, an extensive menu, prompt service,
and the menu names were even sound fanciful to me. 

Temporarily out from the hustle and bustle work load. Gee... here I go again with one of my heaven-on-earth-phase.

California Makki and Crazy Shake Makki with Soya Sauce
Crema Di Pollo Al'Limone - Super delicious creamy soup!
Kani Crab Salad with Mango & Baby Shrimps,
Insalata Di Giulio Cesare with Spicy Chicken Tempura, Shrimp Stick
For my main course, I had Special Fried Noodles (yum), Chicken Yakitori,
Frittelli Di Zucchini with Tomato and Pesto Sauce,
and Shrimp and Vegetable Harumaki with Sweet Chili Sauce.
A bit of me!
For dessert, we each had Tiramisu Layer Cake with Mocha Espresso Sauce.
I'm suavely craving for this, the best Tiramisu I ever tasted.
There's a certain mystery surrounds its taste. It's neither too sweet nor bland.
Gush... here's my takeaway - a container of California Makki.

But you get the picture of how lovely my lunch was?
May yours was as lovely as mine. Ciao!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

This morning, my single friends are asking each other this question, "Do you have a date on Valentine's day?" and they utter the same skeptical answers, "Nobody" obviously afraid of going solo.

It is not a talking-point but every year it seems most of us ditch up Valentine's Day because we often harbor the thought that a Valentine is solely official if you are with your significant others.

Right now, I am extremely miles away from my husband and daughter. Thanks to Skype and phone whose been my partner and cure against homesickness. My thoughts of them bring such joy as I fervently wish to see them soon.

I do cheer up my friends and expressed that there are many other reasons to celebrate Valentine. This is the most love-filled, romantic day of the year, rather than a wretched single, it is finer to celebrate this day by acknowledging the people who have marked an extraordinary place in our hearts, not only with our spouse, lover, but it could also be with our dear parents, our siblings, our grandparents, our best friend, our office mate or to any wonderful people in our lives.

Sometimes it's easier not to say it but there are simple ways to show it.
A fancy date is not the only solution.
During my primary, we were thought of this fundamental art, where we cut out hearts from a red colored paper.
And you put down the charming words why you love them.
And no matter how imaginative and creative you are, this small gesture will for sure make someone's day great.

And here's for you my dear readers:

Let's make blogger world a happier place as we go ahead to Valentine's day!
And yes, I want you to be my Valentine, will that be okay? wink!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet my favorite burger!

I was taking full advantage of a few hours off today with friends, and it is our well-liked to eat and try varied food chains/restaurants around the corner. The burger industry here is too crowded - you can find Herfy, McDonalds, Burger King, the list is endless - but with the entry of this fast food chain, it led me to begin appreciating burgers more and more.
 They offer much higher quality with the right mix of boldness and texture. The entire setting is simple and relaxing to jabber with friends.

The moment I tasted the flavorful Monster Burger, I fell in love with it, I consider myself somewhat a steak/california maki/chinese noodles kind of girl when eating out, but this one is the best burger for far I have put in my tummy. It is nutritious, juicy, precise and fresh.
 Perhaps returning back there will definitely be my nearest foresight.

The Doofer where you assemble and set the burger inside which enable you to bite comfortably.
The out-of-this-world Burger Monster. Inside, you will heavenly taste the tender and
pure New Zealand ground beef, melted cheddar, sliced beetroot, juicy mango,
fresh avocado, beef bacon, salad, relish and fresh natural aioli. 
The oh-so-yummy Chicken Fenders
The humongous Spud Fries