Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

This morning, my single friends are asking each other this question, "Do you have a date on Valentine's day?" and they utter the same skeptical answers, "Nobody" obviously afraid of going solo.

It is not a talking-point but every year it seems most of us ditch up Valentine's Day because we often harbor the thought that a Valentine is solely official if you are with your significant others.

Right now, I am extremely miles away from my husband and daughter. Thanks to Skype and phone whose been my partner and cure against homesickness. My thoughts of them bring such joy as I fervently wish to see them soon.

I do cheer up my friends and expressed that there are many other reasons to celebrate Valentine. This is the most love-filled, romantic day of the year, rather than a wretched single, it is finer to celebrate this day by acknowledging the people who have marked an extraordinary place in our hearts, not only with our spouse, lover, but it could also be with our dear parents, our siblings, our grandparents, our best friend, our office mate or to any wonderful people in our lives.

Sometimes it's easier not to say it but there are simple ways to show it.
A fancy date is not the only solution.
During my primary, we were thought of this fundamental art, where we cut out hearts from a red colored paper.
And you put down the charming words why you love them.
And no matter how imaginative and creative you are, this small gesture will for sure make someone's day great.

And here's for you my dear readers:

Let's make blogger world a happier place as we go ahead to Valentine's day!
And yes, I want you to be my Valentine, will that be okay? wink!


  1. ohhh thats so nice!!!!<3

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  2. it's a nice way to consider valentine's day! hope you'll spend a great day! xoxo

  3. My mother is working abroad, and just by reading your post I can understand how frustrating it gets not spending the V-day with your spouse. Long distance takes courage to make it through the toughest times. Happy Hearts day nonetheless.

  4. Your post is so romantic: I love it!!!
    Have a nice valentine's day :)))

  5. very sweet post :)

    I love the hearts you have on the screen

  6. beautiful post hon!! ;)

  7. aw what a lovely post! sounds like you had a wonderful valentines! :)

  8. hi,
    you really have nice post! :)

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  9. Love the idea with the post-it hearts! :)

  10. you're so right with what you're saying, aileen <3 thank you for this fantastic post!! :)
    btw, i like the new header!


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