Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Papyrus Frame
My Egyptian co-worker brought me this papyrus present from his holiday.
At first sight, I know for instance this is the perfect piece for my empty and unused frame.
Those sunnies are from Aldo. I'm happy that it complements and fit precisely with the shape of my face.
While the belt is from New Look. It is mustard. It is the last piece. It is sale. 
Coffee is one perk that my boss loves to splurge. And he indiscreetly wanted me to be
extra attentive at work by giving me this bag of - none other than - Coffee.
Take Out
Due to photo purposes I kept the sliced tomatoes here and removed them as soon as I started to eat.
Thumbs up for this mouthwatering and appetizing dinner meal.
The mystery of Cheedar Cheese. My great source of calcium.
I received this unexpected letter almost two weeks ago.
The excitement cast down when they put the Arabic language inside the letter and unreadable by me.
My super bad habit of eating at my desk. I still experienced joy when I tasted the take out
Philly Steak Quesadillas for brunch the other day. The portion is quite small for the price, still yummy though.
Egg McMuffin + Hotcakes
It was a delightful take out breakfast today morning. The MucMuffin is superb. The Counter Attendant
failed to remember that a syrup and butter will make my hotcakes more pleasing.
Reminded myself - please check before you leave.
Borrowed these DVDs for weekend. I know I will have fun watching them alone tomorrow.
While it does seem incredible to post them by category, I like that I do something slightly different again. But I have to admit the short bits make my extensive list more precise. The above has been happening to me for the past days, weeks. And I treated my camera like a journal, I click and click and click that come to pass until I settle to gather them.
Some of you may already noticed about my new layout on the previous post. Don't be surprised, I just applied the dynamic view available in the template. I was captivated by the simplicity and immaculate design. The only downside - some widgets can't be seen.


  1. very nice, i liked!
    Thanks for visiting, come back soon <3
    kissing Vanessa

  2. You enjoy clicking, and we enjoy reading & watching your posts ;)))

  3. i love reading post like this one, looking at these photos seems like i am enjoying the food with you at same time:))

  4. Your photos made me wanna eat french fries imediatly

  5. Love the sunnies and I am hungry now.

  6. me han dado ganas de comeeer!!jeje besote

  7. mm yummy!!! and love the sunnies :D

  8. super cool the Aldo sunnies :)


  9. Love those sunnies - great picks !



  10. I like your post so much! These sunnies are really gorgeous!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  11. mh, the food looks so yummy. i love this post.
    such a great inspiration.
    wish you a nice last easter day :-)
    maren anita

    Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

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  12. I want quesadillas!!!!! :D


  13. as usual, nice photos. good lighting. btw, what cam are you using?


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